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Skye’s May 2012 Newsletter

This year is coming to a close, and once again I am amazed by the growth I’ve seen in your children. Thank you for letting us be a part of their preschool and kindergarten years. It’s the most fun job in the world! Thanks, too, for all your support with the parade and your child’s class parties and trips.

The fund raiser was successful. We purchased art supplies and sand toys. Thanks for your support.

In February you indicated your plans for fall and your bill will show any balance due on the deposit (ó deposit was required with your enrollment in February with the balance due this month.) If your plans have changed, now is the time to let us know (please send it in writing so we may attach it to your enrollment form). After Friday, May 4th your deposit is no longer refundable. We are very excited about next year, and hope you are too!

Book orders were due Wednesday, May 2nd and should be in before the end of school.

This month includes two weeks of big parties (Mother’s Day Teas and End of School Picnics), and I’d like to remind everyone to be thoughtful of our neighbors when parking at Gingerbread. The back field is available, as is the parking lot, and actually these places ensure that you don’t get blocked in–always a good thing! Please use the northwest or northeast corners (where there is no curb) to enter onto the field (as always, watch for Alameda traffic). DO NOT cross the neighbor’s yard to the south. These property owners have sued Gingerbread for being a nuisance in the neighborhood. We have a good relationship with the current renters and want to keep it that way. Thanks.

Mother’s Day Tea Parties are May 4-11. If you aren’t sure of your child’s tea party date, be sure to check with the teacher. These are very important and you won’t want to miss it–or even be late. This is a recital so bring your camera or video recorder. So sorry but we don’t have facilities for siblings.

Gingerbread End of School picnics will be Monday/Tuesday evening May 14 & 15 from 5:30-7:30 here at Gingerbread. School will provide hot dogs, chips and drinks, and we ask each family to bring a large salad or large dessert to share. There’s always lots of great food and it’s a nice way to end the school year. Remember to bring plates, forks, napkins and glasses for your own family. Please return the form at the bottom of this newsletter letting me know if you plan to attend so I can purchase enough food. See your class newsletter for which day your child’s class will be coming. If you have a conflict with the day, however, please be sure to come the other. Just make a notation on your sign up slip. If its pouring down rain, please call 321-0087 and I will leave a message at 5 pm with alternate plans.

Please stop by and check out our lost and found bins. We’ve accumulated quite a bit and will donate all of it after the end of school picnics. Thanks.

Please be sure to sun screen your child as the days get hotter and the sun gets closer to us. If you send a hat we’ll see that your child wears it. Feel free to send sun screen for your child’s longer day (put your name on it, please).

Gingerbread continues to sponsor the Summer Breeze concert series held from May into September. These are free family concerts at either Lion’s park or Andrew’s park and are held every other Sunday from 7:30-9 pm. This is great family fun with no vendors and a great atmosphere. I hope to see you there!

Our last day of school is Wednesday, May 23rd. Our Summer Fun sessions begin Monday, June 4th or Monday, July 2nd.

I think that’s all for now. I know I keep saying it, but I am so full of gratitude that I’ve had a chance to get to know you and your children.

Love, Skye


Skye’s April 2012 Newsletter

Spring is definitely here and what a fabulous time to be working with your children. I hope you can see the growth that has occurred over the past months—your children are so grown up! Thanks for all your great help, as usual.

Book orders are due Wed., April 4th. Thanks for your participation with this.

The Giant class is needing the plastic pots (3 or 4″) that bedding plants come in so we can start seeds for our garden and to take home as well.

Our Spring Photos (individual only) are scheduled for April 16th (Scotties & Kindies), April 17th (TTH Elves & Giants) and April 18th (MWF Elves & Giants) and we’ll have a Spring theme with baby bunnies. We’ll put a reminder on the chalkboard closer to the time.

Photo orders (when these come in) are due Thursday, May 3rd. Your proofs are not color corrected, but the portraits will be beautiful when you get them, so keep that in mind when you decide whether or not to order.

Thanks for your help with the spring fund raiser. Delivery will be Wed., April 4th, so be sure to put an ice chest in your car and pick this up after 11 am. We have virtually no extra freezer space so all cookie dough must be picked up this day. If you can help unload please call the office and let Kathy know. It’s delivered hopefully around 8:30 and takes about 30 min. to unload. Thanks!

Our last parent meeting will be Thursday, April 12 at 7 pm on “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen”. This meeting will give you ideas on how to use language to have more fun as a parent! Please fill out the slip below if you plan on coming and if you need childcare.

All the Gingerbread classes will be going on pioneer hay rides to the park April 18th through April 25th. Please check your class newsletter for your child’s date.

Saturday, April 21st, Gingerbread will participate in the Norman 89er Day Parade. This is a fun experience for the children (to get to ride on a float and wave to friends and relatives and throw candy!) so I hope you can make plans to join us. Please return the permission slip so we’ll know how many to anticipate. Bring candy! Friday (4/20) @ 5 pm we’ll decorate the trailer – so come and help if you can – children are welcome. The parade begins at 10:00 AM, but the float will need to be in place in Norman High School’s east parking lot by 9:00. This is way too long for the kids to wait, so try to be there by 9:45 at the latest, leaving plenty of time for the traffic jam that always occurs that morning! Dress your child in any Western wear you may have and Gingerbread shirts are always fun. We will follow the parade route east on Main Street and then pull the trailer to Gingerbread. If you are not riding on the float with us (limited space for parents of criers), please pick your child up at Gingerbread right after the parade ends. In case of rain, please check the Gingerbread answering machine and I’ll leave a message if we have to cancel. If you will add your phone number to the permission slip, I’ll try to call everyone as well. Thanks.

Thanks to all who enrolled in our Summer Fun programs. At this time there are still openings in the sessions, so feel free to ask any teacher for a form.

We’ve been receiving a lot of visitors this past couple of months, and I’d like to thank each and every one of you who recommended us to friends and family. Your kind words are priceless when it comes to enrolling other great families.

I think that’s all the news for now. If I think of anything else I’ll let you know with a note. Have a great spring!

Love, Teacher Skye



Scotties March 2012 Newsletter

Welcome Spring!

General News

March is coming in packed with activities for the Scottie class. Before we start with all of the plans for the month, we would like to offer a great big thank you to all of our parent helpers who made the Valentine Party so successful. Thanks also for all of the goodies for the 100 Day Party. The kids have waited all year for that one and it was worth the wait!

March Units

  • Farm Animals
  • Night/Day
  • Plants

Letter of the Week

This month we will meet letters N, W and X.

Field Trips and Parties

Our field trip to the Omniplex is on Monday, March 5th from 8:45 until 2:30. We will meet at 8:45 in the back parking lot to load the bus. All Scotties and helpers will need to bring sack lunches with a drink (no lunch boxes, please!) We like to divide up into small groups for this trip so that all the children get to spend time looking at all the fun stuff. We would love to have you join us if your schedule allows.

On Friday, March 16th, we will have our Pajama Party. We will wear our pajamas, robes and slippers to school. Your child may bring a pillow, blanket and special sleeping friend. Please make sure that you mark everything so we are sure to send it all back home. We will spend the morning reading bedtime stories, relaxing and making “breakfast.” If your child will be staying for lunch and extended day, please send a change of clothes for the afternoon.

In conjunction with our transportation unit, the Scotties will be riding the train to Pauls Valley on Wednesday, April 11th. We need to order tickets ahead of time so we will need to know if you are planning on joining us. We ride the train to Pauls Valley and the Gingerbread bus meets us there. We will play in a local park and have our snack. Then we will head back to Norman. There is limited space on the bus for the return trip. If we have a large number of parents who wish to go we may have to have some of you carpool back.

Important Dates

  • March 1 – Book orders due
  • March 5 – Omniplex Trip
  • March 16 – Pajama Party
  • March 19-March 23 – Spring Break

Upcoming Events

Even though May is a few months away, we just wanted to remind you of our Mother’s Day Tea Party on Friday, May 4th. We will start our program at 10:30. Please mark your calendars so you can make plans to join us.


Kindies March 2012 Newsletter

Happy Spring

General News

March has arrived and the days are getting warmer. It is hard to believe the end of the school year is only three months away. Over the next few months I will begin administering the Gesell Screening on each of the Kindies. I will let you know about the results in May. Thank you for all the great help with parties and field trips. Snack continues to be delicious! Thank You!


The Kindies are doing a great job getting their homework turned in. Thanks for sending Homework folders back on Thursdays.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to visit with me about your sweet Kindie! Your children are fabulous and I am very grateful for this class.


Center News

Language Arts

In language arts we are working on the letters M, N, W and X. We are working on letter sounds and we will continue to practice our handwriting. We are also working on writing names the Kindergaren way. Please continue to work on sight words. This is important!


In math we are continuing to practice writing our numbers. We are adding and subtracting and will work on telling time and measuring. We are also counting by 2’s and 10’s. Your children are really good at graphing and continue to amaze me everyday!


We have been working on several Science experiments. We are also going to have an incubator in class and will hatch eggs for a special unit in April. A huge thank you to Steve (our “cleaning man”) for getting this all coordinated for us. We will have 30 eggs in our incubator.


Important Dates


At the writing center we are working on illustrating stories, holding pencils correctly, and practicing writing words we see in our environment.



Book Orders Due:

Thursday, March 1st

Omniplex Trip:

Tuesday, March 6th , 9:15 – 2:15

Bring sack lunch with 2 drinks.

Full Circle:

Tuesday, March 13th

Pajama Party:

Friday, March 16th

Spring Break:

March 19th – 23rd


Items Needed

We are in desperate need of glue sticks and velcro.


Thank You

Thank you for all the recommendations for Gingerbread. The Kindie class is full for next year and we appreciate all your kind words.


Giants March 2012 Newsletter

I want to say a great big thanks to all of you who helped with this month’s to do lists: the Valentine’s Day parties (thanks for helping your children with this) and all of the other help you give to school. Thanks to Norman Regional Hospital Medical Supply for loaning us their wheel chair. Thank you, too, for sending your child dressed for whatever weather we happen to be having. I am convinced that outside play is essential for young children (grown ups too!) You will be so proud of yourself in future years that you decided to allow this!

Spring is just around the corner, and if you think things were busy before now, just wait to experience these next three months! We will try to keep an even pace and dig in the garden, open up woodworking, and all of the other regular activities that your children have come to count on as a part of their school day. I hope you can remember back to the beginning of school and have seen as much growth in your child as I have. What a great year!

Book orders are due Thursday, March 1st and hopefully will be in before Spring Break.

We will continue our self concept unit and finish the giant paper dolls and our “Me” dolls. We’ll save the giant paper dolls to display at the library (I’ll send you a note to let you know when they’re up), while the “Me” dolls have gone home for you to sew and stuff. Please do make the time to finish these up. Your child worked very hard on them and these can be a treasured snugly, but only if they’re sewn! If you’re sewing impaired Teacher Lisa will sew them and turn them right side out for $5. Its not too hard to stuff them and sew the opening up with a needle (or okay, safety pins). Just send them back to us with a check if you want this (check to Lisa Carbin) Our field trip this month will be to the Science Museum Oklahoma, March 7th (MWF) & March 8th (TTH). We will not meet in the back parking lot but will do a regular 9:00 deck time (please do not be late) and be back by 2:30. Your child will need a lunch in a gallon zip lock bag or other plastic bag (remember to include a drink and put their name on it) and we’ll bill for the admission in April. If you are a helper, you’ll find your name listed on the calendar. We could use more for this trip–the Science Museum is really fun. Remember a lunch for yourself and there should be room on the bus if you’d like to go with the class.

Our Spring Cookie Dough fund raiser is due Monday, Feb. 27th. Delivery will be on Wed. April 4th. Thanks for your help with this.

We will begin next week to discuss night, day, planets, night animals, light, dark and shadows. Our Pajama Parties will be March 15th (TTH) & March 16th (MWF). For this party, the children may come to school in their pajamas, bring a snuggle toy, and we’ll sing lullabies, read bedtime stories, make space stations, have pancakes for snack, and relax. Please remember to put names on everything so you can get them back for Spring Break. If you are a helper, we’d love to make pancakes here at school. I’ll send a note to ask you what you’d like to provide and if you can help cook. After Spring Break we’ll begin discussing plants, gardens, wind and weather.

Spring Break will be March 19-March 23, and school will be closed–do something fun!

Our train rides to Pauls Valley will be Thursday & Friday, March 29th & 30th. We will meet at the Depot at 8:35 and return via bus by 12:15. We need an exact count so please let me know if your plans change and you cannot go by March 2. Snack person, please provide a portable snack for the class and let me (Skye) know what you plan to bring so I can provide more for the parent helpers. Thanks.

Thanks for having such great kids, and for letting us play with them. We’re having a wonderful time and count it a priviledge to be a part of their lives. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to be helpful.

The Giant Teachers

PS— Please save the date(s) for the Mothers Day tea parties Tues/Wed. May 8th & 9th at 10:30. You won’t want to miss it!


Elves March 2012 Newsletter

Dates to Remember:

Book orders Due

March 1st.

Pajama Day

March 15th & 16th

Spring Break

March 19th-23rd

Easter Parties

April 5th & 6th



Mark your calendar for the Mothers Day Tea parties on May 10th & May 11th.


Happy St. Patricks Day!

A huge thanks to all who helped with the Valentine’s parties and the dentist field trips. The children had lots of fun. You guys are the best! Thank you for all you do!

Wow! can you believe March is already here? Springtime is just around the corner. Speaking of spring, our spring break is in a couple of weeks. This year it will be on March 19th-23rd. We hope all of you have somewhere fun to go or something fun to do. Before spring break starts we are going to wrap up our self-concept unit. We will be finishing up our giant paper dolls. This is where the children get to lie down on a huge piece of paper, and we trace around their bodies. The children color in their eyes, noses, mouths, and clothing. It’s alot of fun. If your child hasn’t brought theirs home yet, they will soon. We will then, move into our wind and plants unit, followed by music and musical intruments. If you have any unusual instruments, or knowledge in this area, we would love for you to share it with us. Please always remember that as much as we would like each child to participate in all activities, not all children want to, and we don’t believe in forcing them. You all have very smart and respectful children who are learning that they have alot of control over their world.


Party Info:

Our pajama Parties will be on Thurs. Mar. 15th and Fri. Mar.16th @ 9:00. Everyone is encouraged to wear their “jammies” to school on these days, even teachers and party helpers. The children can bring along a blanket and a snuggle toy. (Please label with their names) If your child stays extended day, please send an extra change of clothes. This is a really fun party and we can’t wait. Our Easter parties will be on Thurs. April 5th and on Fri. April 6th. @ 10:00. We need each child to bring 4 uncolored eggs on April 3rd & 4th. We will have an Easter egg hunt and will also be looking for a special “prize egg.” It should be alot of fun as well.

Love Elf Teachers

Elves February 2012 Newsletter

Dates to Remember

Book Orders Due

Wednesday, February 1st

Dentist Trips

Wednesday, February 8th

Thursday, February 9th

Valentine Parties

Monday, February 13th

Tuesday, February 14th

No School

Monday, February 20th

Big Kid Day

Friday, February 24th

Download complete calendar here.


Happy Valentines Day

We would like to begin by saying a “big thank you” for all of the January activity help, it was a busy month. Your support is an important part in your child’s success in school. By your support, you send a strong message that school is important and learning is fun. We as adults need to remember that our children are watching!

February is a busy and exciting month as well. We hope to get everything in that we plan to do. Our themes this month are feelings, friends, valentine’s and we begin our self concept unit. This unit includes personal safety, nutrition, dental health, and all about us. We will make giant paper dolls and “me dolls” from fabric. It should be a lot of fun come join us if you can!

Dentist Trip and Valentine Party Information

Our Valentine’s parties are on Monday, February 13th and Tuesday, February 14th at 10:30 a.m. We will exchange valentine cards with our classmates. You may send cards with who they are from but please do not put who they are to. We will need the valentine cards by Wednesday, February 8th and Thursday, February 9th at 9:30 a.m. We will be going to a “real” dentist office so we can learn about proper dental hygiene.

Love teachers Pam, Ghis, Laura and Laura

Kindies February 2012 Newsletter

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Scotties February 2012 Newsletter

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Skye’s February 2012 Newsletter

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