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Kindies March 2012 Newsletter

Happy Spring

General News

March has arrived and the days are getting warmer. It is hard to believe the end of the school year is only three months away. Over the next few months I will begin administering the Gesell Screening on each of the Kindies. I will let you know about the results in May. Thank you for all the great help with parties and field trips. Snack continues to be delicious! Thank You!


The Kindies are doing a great job getting their homework turned in. Thanks for sending Homework folders back on Thursdays.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to visit with me about your sweet Kindie! Your children are fabulous and I am very grateful for this class.


Center News

Language Arts

In language arts we are working on the letters M, N, W and X. We are working on letter sounds and we will continue to practice our handwriting. We are also working on writing names the Kindergaren way. Please continue to work on sight words. This is important!


In math we are continuing to practice writing our numbers. We are adding and subtracting and will work on telling time and measuring. We are also counting by 2’s and 10’s. Your children are really good at graphing and continue to amaze me everyday!


We have been working on several Science experiments. We are also going to have an incubator in class and will hatch eggs for a special unit in April. A huge thank you to Steve (our “cleaning man”) for getting this all coordinated for us. We will have 30 eggs in our incubator.


Important Dates


At the writing center we are working on illustrating stories, holding pencils correctly, and practicing writing words we see in our environment.



Book Orders Due:

Thursday, March 1st

Omniplex Trip:

Tuesday, March 6th , 9:15 – 2:15

Bring sack lunch with 2 drinks.

Full Circle:

Tuesday, March 13th

Pajama Party:

Friday, March 16th

Spring Break:

March 19th – 23rd


Items Needed

We are in desperate need of glue sticks and velcro.


Thank You

Thank you for all the recommendations for Gingerbread. The Kindie class is full for next year and we appreciate all your kind words.


Kindies February 2012 Newsletter

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