Dates to Remember:

Book orders Due

March 1st.

Pajama Day

March 15th & 16th

Spring Break

March 19th-23rd

Easter Parties

April 5th & 6th



Mark your calendar for the Mothers Day Tea parties on May 10th & May 11th.


Happy St. Patricks Day!

A huge thanks to all who helped with the Valentine’s parties and the dentist field trips. The children had lots of fun. You guys are the best! Thank you for all you do!

Wow! can you believe March is already here? Springtime is just around the corner. Speaking of spring, our spring break is in a couple of weeks. This year it will be on March 19th-23rd. We hope all of you have somewhere fun to go or something fun to do. Before spring break starts we are going to wrap up our self-concept unit. We will be finishing up our giant paper dolls. This is where the children get to lie down on a huge piece of paper, and we trace around their bodies. The children color in their eyes, noses, mouths, and clothing. It’s alot of fun. If your child hasn’t brought theirs home yet, they will soon. We will then, move into our wind and plants unit, followed by music and musical intruments. If you have any unusual instruments, or knowledge in this area, we would love for you to share it with us. Please always remember that as much as we would like each child to participate in all activities, not all children want to, and we don’t believe in forcing them. You all have very smart and respectful children who are learning that they have alot of control over their world.


Party Info:

Our pajama Parties will be on Thurs. Mar. 15th and Fri. Mar.16th @ 9:00. Everyone is encouraged to wear their “jammies” to school on these days, even teachers and party helpers. The children can bring along a blanket and a snuggle toy. (Please label with their names) If your child stays extended day, please send an extra change of clothes. This is a really fun party and we can’t wait. Our Easter parties will be on Thurs. April 5th and on Fri. April 6th. @ 10:00. We need each child to bring 4 uncolored eggs on April 3rd & 4th. We will have an Easter egg hunt and will also be looking for a special “prize egg.” It should be alot of fun as well.

Love Elf Teachers

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