Spring is definitely here and what a fabulous time to be working with your children. I hope you can see the growth that has occurred over the past months—your children are so grown up! Thanks for all your great help, as usual.

Book orders are due Wed., April 4th. Thanks for your participation with this.

The Giant class is needing the plastic pots (3 or 4″) that bedding plants come in so we can start seeds for our garden and to take home as well.

Our Spring Photos (individual only) are scheduled for April 16th (Scotties & Kindies), April 17th (TTH Elves & Giants) and April 18th (MWF Elves & Giants) and we’ll have a Spring theme with baby bunnies. We’ll put a reminder on the chalkboard closer to the time.

Photo orders (when these come in) are due Thursday, May 3rd. Your proofs are not color corrected, but the portraits will be beautiful when you get them, so keep that in mind when you decide whether or not to order.

Thanks for your help with the spring fund raiser. Delivery will be Wed., April 4th, so be sure to put an ice chest in your car and pick this up after 11 am. We have virtually no extra freezer space so all cookie dough must be picked up this day. If you can help unload please call the office and let Kathy know. It’s delivered hopefully around 8:30 and takes about 30 min. to unload. Thanks!

Our last parent meeting will be Thursday, April 12 at 7 pm on “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen”. This meeting will give you ideas on how to use language to have more fun as a parent! Please fill out the slip below if you plan on coming and if you need childcare.

All the Gingerbread classes will be going on pioneer hay rides to the park April 18th through April 25th. Please check your class newsletter for your child’s date.

Saturday, April 21st, Gingerbread will participate in the Norman 89er Day Parade. This is a fun experience for the children (to get to ride on a float and wave to friends and relatives and throw candy!) so I hope you can make plans to join us. Please return the permission slip so we’ll know how many to anticipate. Bring candy! Friday (4/20) @ 5 pm we’ll decorate the trailer – so come and help if you can – children are welcome. The parade begins at 10:00 AM, but the float will need to be in place in Norman High School’s east parking lot by 9:00. This is way too long for the kids to wait, so try to be there by 9:45 at the latest, leaving plenty of time for the traffic jam that always occurs that morning! Dress your child in any Western wear you may have and Gingerbread shirts are always fun. We will follow the parade route east on Main Street and then pull the trailer to Gingerbread. If you are not riding on the float with us (limited space for parents of criers), please pick your child up at Gingerbread right after the parade ends. In case of rain, please check the Gingerbread answering machine and I’ll leave a message if we have to cancel. If you will add your phone number to the permission slip, I’ll try to call everyone as well. Thanks.

Thanks to all who enrolled in our Summer Fun programs. At this time there are still openings in the sessions, so feel free to ask any teacher for a form.

We’ve been receiving a lot of visitors this past couple of months, and I’d like to thank each and every one of you who recommended us to friends and family. Your kind words are priceless when it comes to enrolling other great families.

I think that’s all the news for now. If I think of anything else I’ll let you know with a note. Have a great spring!

Love, Teacher Skye



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