1. Outdoor Drop Off/Pick Up:
    We will continue with our outdoor drop off and pick up routines at 9, 12 & 2:30-3:00. A full description of these procedures (“deck times”) will be included with your parent packet before school starts. A staff member will meet your child in the morning to take them to their class and bring your child to you in the afternoon if dropping off or picking up outside of these regular times. Please call 405 321-0087 and let us know this is needed. Please make every attempt to drop off and pick up at our regular “deck times” (see above). Adults in classes are limited to staff only.
  2. Temperatures:
    Please monitor your child’s temperature and keep them home if 100.1 or above.
  3. Physical Distancing:
    Each class has it’s own building, and will alternate recess times on our shared play yard. We are fortunate to have almost 50,000 square feet of outdoor space, allowing spacing even when an entire class is outside at one time. Spacing within the houses will be monitored. All teachers will wear a mask when indoors and in proximity to children or coworkers. Children are not required to wear a mask but we will assist your child if you prefer they wear one.
  4. Enhanced disinfection and cleaning protocols:
    There will be emphasis on teaching the children to be more aware of germs and how they spread. Teachers will be sanitizing surfaces and engaging the children in wiping down materials.
  5. Air Scrubbers:
    These appliances have been installed on each heat and air unit to purify the heated/air conditioned air. Please go to airscrubbersbyaerus.com for information on this technology.
  6. Modified Schedules:
    Common areas will be scheduled for one class at a time, disinfecting after each use.
  7. Hand Washing Prioritized:
    Exemplary hygiene practices will be modeled and practiced. Each class will demonstrate effective hand washing techniques and will monitor these practices.
  8. Hand Sanitizing Stations:
    Hand sanitizer stations will be installed in each classroom and in common areas.
  9. Air Flow:
    All windows in the houses will be open whenever possible for fresh air circulation. Fans will be supplied for additional air circulation.
  10. Snack/Lunch Protocol:
    Snacks and meals will be consumed with individual classes.
  11. Field Trip Modifications:
    Field Trips will be scheduled but may be rescheduled or cancelled based on community outbreak information.
  12. Visitors/Vendors:
    When we feel that it’s safe to do so, visitors will be limited and checked in through your child’s classroom. Masks for visitors will be required. Vendors will drop off shipments at the deck for limited contact.
  13. Privacy:
    In the event of an outbreak, student and family privacy will be protected, with classes notified of a positive Covid-19 test. Thank you for promptly notifying us of any positive contact for any of your family members.
  14. Best Practices:
    We will reevaluate and modify our practices on a regular basis. Our goal is to provide a safe, clean environment, encouraging personal responsibility while maintaining our child centered practices. Please contact Gingerbread at 405 321-0087 or gingerbreadnurseryschool@gmail.com for more information. Thanks.